Saint John the Baptist Orthodox Church
Western Rite parish of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
11199 Angleberger Road, Thurmont, MD 21788

May 25, 2017, The Ascension of Our Lord, "Raise Our Hearts To Christ" (Deacon Stephen Kerr)

May 21, 2017, Fifth Sunday after Easter, "Praying in the Name of Jesus" (Children's Homily, Fr. James Hamrick)

May 14, 2017, Fourth Sunday after Easter, "A Good Gift" (Fr. James Hamrick)

May 7, 2017, Third Sunday after Easter, "Holding On to Our Peace" (Fr. James Hamrick)

April 30, 2017, Second Sunday after Easter, "Gathered to the Shepherd" (Deacon Stephen Kerr)

April 23, 2017, Low Sunday, "The Peace of God" (Fr. James Hamrick)

April 16, 2017, Easter Sunday (Pascha), "Truth Alive" (Fr. James Hamrick)

April 2, 2017, Passion Sunday, "A Picture of Our Health" (Fr. James Hamrick)

March 26, 2017, Fourth Sunday in Lent, "Fragments" (Fr. James Hamrick)

March 19, 2017, Third Sunday in Lent, "Giving and Forgiving" (Deacon Stephen Kerr)

March 12, 2017, Second Sunday in Lent, "The Call to Sanctification" (Deacon Stephen Kerr)

March 5, 2017, First Sunday in Lent, "Tested and Proven" (Fr. James Hamrick)

February 26, 2017, Quinquagesima Sunday, "Ascent to the Mountain of God" (Fr. James Hamrick)

February 19, 2017, Sexagesima Sunday, "A Day of Birthing" (Fr. James Hamrick)

February 12, 2017, Septuagesima Sunday, "Fighting for the Prize" (Fr. James Hamrick)

February 5, 2017, Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, "There is Evil in Our Midst" (Fr. James Hamrick)

January 22, 2017, Third Sunday after Epiphany, "They Have No Wine!" (Fr. James Hamrick)

January 15, 2017, Second Sunday after Epiphany, "Burying Death" (Fr. James Hamrick)

January 8, 2017, First Sunday after Epiphany, "Seeking and Finding Jesus" (Fr. James Hamrick)

December 25, 2016, Christmas Day, "Christ Has Come!" (Dn. Stephen Kerr)

December 24, 2016, Christmas Eve, "The Visitation of God" (Fr. James Hamrick)

December 4, 2016, Second Sunday in Advent, "God of Hope" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 27, 2016, First Sunday in Advent, "Christ is Coming!" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

November 13, 2016, Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost, "As We Forgive" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 6, 2016, Sunday in the Octave of All Saints, "With Just a Word" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 1, 2016, All Saints, "Don't Give Up the Fight!" (Fr. James Hamrick)

October 30, 2016, Christ the King Sunday, "Christ is King" (Fr. James Hamrick)

October 23, 2016, Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost, "Waiting on Christ" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

October 9, 2016, Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost, "Being Rooted in Love" (Fr. James Hamrick)

October 2, 2016, Holy Guardian Angels, "Our Holy Guardian Angels" (Fr. James Hamrick)

September 25, 2016, Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost, "Walk of Love" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

September 11, 2016, Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost, "Who is My Neighbor?" (Fr. James Hamrick)

September 4, 2016, Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost, "She Walks in Beauty" (Fr. James Hamrick)

August 28, 2016, Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, "True Prayer" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

August 14, 2016, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, "Mother of Life" (Fr. James Hamrick)

August 7, 2016, Transfiguration of Our Lord, "After the Sixth Day" (Fr. James Hamrick)

July 31, 2016, Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, "A New Creation" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

July 24, 2016, Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, "Righteousness of the Heart" (Fr. James Hamrick)

July 3, 2016, Sunday in the Octave of Corpus Christi, "The Body of Christ" (Fr. James Hamrick)

June 26, 2016, Trinity Sunday, "God's World" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

June 12, 2016, Sunday after the Ascension, "When the Comforter is Come" (Fr. James Hamrick)

June 5, 2016, Fifth Sunday after Easter, "Doers of the Word" (Fr. James Hamrick)

May 29, 2016, Fourth Sunday after Easter, "Listen, Listen, Love, Love" (Fr. James Hamrick)

May 22, 2016, Third Sunday after Easter, "Back into the Fold" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

May 1, 2016, Easter Sunday, "Going Before Us" (Fr. James Hamrick)

April 17, 2016, Passion Sunday, "Get Busy Living" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

April 10, 2016, Fourth Sunday in Lent, "For the Life of the World" (Fr. James Hamrick)

April 3, 2016, Third Sunday in Lent, "Keeping the Word of God" (Fr. James Hamrick)

March 27, 2016, Second Sunday in Lent, "Toward the Seventh Day" (Fr. James Hamrick)

March 20, 2016, First Sunday in Lent, "To the Garden" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

March 13, 2016, Quinquagesima Sunday, "Through Jericho" (Fr. James Hamrick)

February 28, 2016, Septuagesima Sunday, "A Labor of Love" (Fr. James Hamrick)

February 21, 2016, Seventh Sunday after Epiphany, "The Triumph of Life" (Fr. James Hamrick)

January 17, 2016, Second Sunday after Epiphany, "Out of the Waters" (Fr. James Hamrick)

January 10, 2016, First Sunday after Epiphany, "The Family of Faith" (Fr. James Hamrick)

January 3, 2016, Second Sunday after the Nativity, "Our Identity in Christ" (Fr. James Hamrick)

December 27, 2015, Sunday in the Octave of the Nativity, "It's Not Too Late" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

December 25, 2015, The Nativity of Our Lord, "The Power of Love" (Fr. James Hamrick)

December 20, 2015, Fourth Sunday of Advent, "When the Word of God Comes" (Fr. James Hamrick)

December 13, 2015, Third Sunday of Advent, "Knowing Christ" (Fr. James Hamrick)

December 6, 2015, Second Sunday of Advent, "Hope Incarnate" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

November 29, 2015, First Sunday of Advent, "Our Redemption Draws Near" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 22, 2015, The Last Sunday after Pentecost, "A New Starting Place" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 15, 2015, The Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost, "The Faith of Our Fathers" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 8, 2015, Patriarchs and Prophets of the Old Law, "The God of the Living" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 1, 2015, All Saints, "Partakers of the Inheritance" (Fr. James Hamrick)

October 25, 2015, Christ the King, "Peace in Christ" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

October 18, 2015, St. Luke the Evangelist, "The Work of an Evangelist" (Fr. James Hamrick)

October 11, 2015, The Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost, "The Chosen Few" (Fr. James Hamrick)

October 4, 2015, The Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost, "The Enriched Life" (Fr. James Hamrick)

September 27, 2015, The Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost, "The Real Jesus" (Fr. James Hamrick)

September 20, 2015, The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost, "A Humbled Heart" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

September 13, 2015, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, "The Life-Giving Tree" (Fr. James Hamrick)

September 6, 2015, The Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost, "Freedom from Worry" (Fr. James Hamrick)

August 30, 2015, The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost, "A Life of Thanksgiving" (Fr. James Hamrick)

August 16, 2015, The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost, "Toward True Contrition" (Fr. James Hamrick)

August 9, 2015, The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, "Be Opened" (Fr. James Hamrick)

August 2, 2015, The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, "Tears of Joy" (Fr. James Hamrick)

July 26, 2015, The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, "Children of God" (Fr. James Hamrick)

July 19, 2015, The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, "The Revelation of Truth" (Fr. James Hamrick)

July 12, 2015, The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, "The Compassion of Christ" (Fr. James Hamrick)

July 5, 2015, The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, "Love Wins!" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

June 28, 2015, The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, "The Glory of God" (Fr. James Hamrick)

June 21, 2015, The Third Sunday after Pentecost, "The God Who Pursues" (Fr James Hamrick)

June 14, 2015, The Feast of Corpus Christi, "The Body of Christ" (Fr. James Hamrick)

May 17, 2015, The Fifth Sunday after Easter, "In The Name of Jesus" (Fr. James Hamrick)

May 10, 2015, The Fourth Sunday After Easter, "The God Who Comforts" (Fr. James Hamrick)

May 3, 2015, The Finding of the Holy Cross, "At the Cross" (Fr. James Hamrick)

April 26, 2015, The Second Sunday After Easter, "One Life in Christ" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

April 19, 2015, Thomas Sunday, "The Eighth Day" (Fr. James Hamrick)

March 29, 2015, Passion Sunday, "Death to the World" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

March 22, 2015, The Fourth Sunday in Lent, "A Child's Offering" (Fr. James Hamrick)

March 15, 2015, The Third Sunday in Lent, "Walking as Children of Light" (Fr. James Hamrick)

March 8, 2015, The Second Sunday in Lent, "Our Transfiguration" (Fr. James Hamrick)

February 1, 2015, Candlemas (The Presentation of our Lord), "Into the Temple" (Fr. James Hamrick)

January 25, 2015, The Conversion of St Paul, "A Journey into the Heart" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)"

January 18,2015, The Second Sunday after Epiphany, "Out of the Water" (Fr. James Hamrick)

January 11, 2015, The First Sunday after Epiphany, "Christ Revealed" (Fr. James Hamrick)

January 4, 2015, The Second Sunday in Christmas, "The Acceptable Year of the Lord" (Fr. James Hamrick)

December 21, 2014, The Fourth Sunday in Advent, "When the Word Comes" (Fr. James Hamrick)

December 7, 2014, The Second Sunday in Advent, "The Divine Works of God" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 30, 2014, The First Sunday in Advent, "All Things are Made New" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

November 23, 2014, The Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost, "Our Mother of Covenant" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 16, 2014, The Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost, "The Touch of Jesus" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 9, 2014, The Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost, "Giving God His Due" (Fr. James Hamrick)

November 2, 2014, The Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost, "The Forgiven" (Fr. James Hamrick)

October 26,2014, The Feast of Christ the King, "Into the Kingdom" (Fr. James Hamrick)

October 19, 2014, The Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost, "Clothed in Christ" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

October 12, 2014, The Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost, "Be Faithful Where God Has Planted You" (Fr. Ken DeVoie)

October 5, 2014, The Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost, "Silence Before God" (Fr. James Hamrick)

September 21, 2014, St. Matthew Apostle and Evangelist, "The Gift of God" (Fr. James Hamrick)

September 14, 2014, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, "Emblem of Love" (Fr. James Hamrick)

September 7, 2014, The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, "Mother of Covenant" ( Fr. James Hamrick)

August 31, 2014, The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost, "Go and Do Thou Likewise" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

August 24, 2014, The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost, "Be Opened" (Fr. James Hamrick)

August 17, 2014, The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, "Jesus is Lord" (Fr. James Hamrick)

August 10, 2014, The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, "The Divine Embrace of God" (Fr. James Hamrick)

August 3, 2014, The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, "Struggle for Holiness" (Sdn. Stephen Kerr)

July 20, 2014, The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, "The Offering" (Fr. James Hamrick)

July 6, 2014, The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, "To Be Transformed by Christ" (Fr. James Hamrick)

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